Aaron Rodgers walking off the field after the NFC Division Playoff game
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Finding Aaron Rodgers a Home

The Green Bay Packers lost in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs against the San Francisco 49ers. With this loss, the Packers now must face the fact that they may not have an MVP quarterback next season. Aaron Rodgers has made it clear that he doesn’t wish to be a part of a rebuild and all signs point to the Packers doing exactly that. Rodgers has also had clear problems with the Packers organization through the recent years. Where will Rodgers play next season? We’re going to preview some destinations, other than Green Bay, that we here at The WOLF Sports think are likely landing spots.

Denver Broncos

This is the spot that almost everyone believes Rodgers will go to. This move almost happened in the preseason of this year and looking at the potential offense of the Broncos with the addition of Rodgers it’s hard not to be excited. The Broncos have plenty of young offensive power on the roster;  Javonte Williams, Noah Fant, Courtland Sutton, and Jerry Jeudy. Not only do they have an exciting offense but they also have a top 5 defense. Given those two things, if Denver wanted to pull the trigger on Rodgers they would be set up to win immediately. Now it’s just a question of what Denver has to give up to get Rodgers in a trade. Draft picks? Players? Whatever it is, Denver has the option to do something dangerous this offseason.

Tennessee Titans

Now, this is a team that I, personally, don’t think is likely but other members of our station have made one thing clear. Aaron Rodgers and the Tennessee Titans would be a terrifying pairing. We found out from the AFC Divisional round loss to the Bengals that Ryan Tannehill isn’t going to win the Titans a championship. They need to move on from Tannehill. Thinking about giving Aaron Rodgers all of these veteran weapons on offense makes me want to hand the Titans the AFC title. AJ Brown, Julio Jones, Derrick Henry, and Aaron Rodgers wouldn’t be fair. Will it actually happen? Not likely, but imagining the potential of that offense gets me excited for this possibility.

Indianapolis Colts

This is my personal favorite theorized team that Rodgers could go to. Much like the Broncos, the Colts have young and explosive offensive weapons on the roster; Jonathan Taylor, Michael Pittman, T.Y. Hilton. The Colts also have a top-tier defense that will continue to thrive off of the success of this season. After a disappointing year, with a lackluster quarterback in Carson Wentz, the Colts are going to be looking to bounce back on the offensive side of the ball. Getting head coach Frank Reich, a future Hall of Famer in Aaron Rodgers can catapult this organization back to prominence. With the young weapons and their stellar offensive line, adding Rodgers could be a dream pairing for both parties.

Photo Credit: NBC Chicago